Caffeine Monster Software is now Vertex Pop.

Please visit Vertex Pop for all my latest videogames and apps.

Softography (2008 – 2011)

Timeli 2011 (iPad)

Schedule projects and tasks visually, using timelines.

Orbit1 2010 (Xbox 360), 2011 (iPad)

An action packed, hyper-competitive multiplayer game played with just one button.

32×32 2009 (iOS)

A simple to use pixel art editor that lets you get creative wherever you are.

DUOtrix 2008 (Xbox 360)

A fast paced, psychedelic puzzle game.

Geomex 2008 (iOS)

A spatial puzzle game based around the simple rule of matching similar shapes of different colour.

Smiley's Shooty Adventure 2008 (Windows, Mac)

A shoot-em-up packed with frantic action, an eccentric cast of enemies, and trippy retro graphics.